A new tips & techniques video for all those who struggles to fasten bracelets

So, how many times has the jump ring end of the bracelet slipped out of reach, just as the clasp was ever so nearly attached into it. Frustrating yes, but a reason to stop wearing your fabulous bracelets? ....... No

There are lots of fabulous methods being used, by lots of inventive people in the world, and we would like to share one vary low cost (creative) method with you. All you need is a basic paper clip.......yes, just a paper clip.

We have created and added the video to our video collection, which is free to watch, and share with all you feel will benefit from it.

Share it wide, and spread the love. Cinderellas will wear her bracelets to the ball. Dig out those fiddly bracelets, and get jeweled up this Christmas.

Merry Christmas, and we hope that you have a fantastic New Year.

From the team at Bradford Bead Shop.

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