• Mercerised Cotton Thread - Multi Pack - App. 0.5mm -Grassy, Tree & Dark Green


    Mercerised Cotton Thread Multi Starter Pack

    App. 0.5mm thickness


    3 x 4 metres  in length

    Grassy Green, Tree Green & Dark Green


    Mercerised Cotton is cotton that has been altered through mild chemical treatment, to increase its lustre, reduce the percentage of shrinkage when washed, and to improve the colour quality when dyed.

    Mercerized cotton is also more mildew resistant than standard cotton fibre and has a softer appearance and feel.


    Brilliant for making flexible jewellery, that requires knotting. (e.g Macrame, Shamballa)


    Knots can be placed, with ease, at the end of your jewellery to lock in your beads.