Beading Kits

Fundraising for Marie Curie Hospice in Bradford

The cure for the many different cancers out there is a long way off, and there are many charities and organisations that are working hard in the quest for these cures.

Marie Curie Hospice is a wonderful organisation that helps to care and support those who will not benefit from these future cures.  They do a fantastic job of caring for and supporting those enduring and battling cancer, in a dignified and comfortable manner.  There care and support also extends to the family and friends along the way, which is greatly needed and appreciated.

A debilitating or terminal illness should only be seen as only a small part of the life process (as much as possible), and the rest should be living life and experience thing, the staff at Marie Curie help this be a reality.

By purchasing one these kits, you are supporting them support us in our time of need.